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The Kumon Math and reading program: Humble beginnings

From its humble beginnings in Osaka, Japan, the Kumon program has become a world renowned movement in the field of education; a movement that began because of a father’s love for his son.

The founder, Toru Kumon, created the Kumon program to help his son, Takeshi, build the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in school. The program he developed was so successful, that it helped his son successfully tackle calculus by the time he was in the sixth grade. Word spread of Takeshi’s success, which lead to the slow, but more than 4 million children in 46 countries.

Since 1958, Kumon has continued to solidify it’s excellence in the field of supplemental education around the world and in Canada, driven by the philosophy of its founder – Every child possesses untapped abilities and the potential to excel. Most recently, kumon was ranked the number one low cost tutoring franchise for the ninth year in a row, and 12th overall on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500.


Success: Find yours, one child at a time

Kumon believes in the potential of each child, and our mission is to help all children in North America acquire basic academic skills and become independent learners. To accomplish this, we will bring the maximum benefits of kumon method to as many children as possible, regardless of age, race or cultural and economic background.

This mission is the driving force behind the Kumon program. It is this mantra that guides the more than 250 instructors at over 330 centres across Canada in their daily interactions with their students and families. “I know I’m doing good work here,” said Debbie Svenson, Instructor of the North Delta Kumon and Reading centre in British Columbia. “We’re ( my nine year old daughter and I) both already seeing a lot of improvement in the skills of our students, which is absolutely fantastic.”

Since opening in September of 2009, Ms Svensson has been celebrating business success along with the success of her students. She has grown more than 30 percent. “My Kumon Centre is a fantastic, comfortable place for my students to grow and is exactly how I dreamed it would be.”

Kumon, also has a mission; a commitment, to our franchisees.  A promise to help each instructor find their success in the growth and prosperity of their students.  A success that, much like our students, has a lot of potential.

“Kumon’s mission (to our franchisees), as the largest and fastest growing supplemental education provider and a major force in the lives of millions of children around the world, is to support individual franchisees who can bring the power of Kumon to their community and find success, one child at a time,” said david Tsai, Leader of the Franchise Recruitment and Development Department of Kumon Canada Inc. “This task is something we at Kumon Canada Inc. take to heart and strive to achieve each and every day. Supporting our instructors and their success is paramount. After all, their success equals a child’s success.”


The Method that leads to success… for both you and your students

“It works!” exclaimed Johanne Moreau, Instructor of the Les Rivieres Kumon Math and Reading centre in Quebec. “Kumon is logical. I can work with children who suffer from various learning disorders, to those students looking for remedial support, to those looking for enrichment and help them all find success. It is wonderful for them. They’re so proud of themselves.” This logical, thoughtful method that has the ability to dramatically impact a child’s educational success regardless of her unique needs is at the very heart of the Kumon Math and reading Program.

Children who come into the program are given a placement test and, based on their results, placed at the optimum level to maximize their learning and their confidence. From enrollment, the skies the limit! Currently, Kumon Canada has 32 per cent of their student body studying at an advanced level in Math, and 20 percent in reading ( a minimum of more than six-months above their current school grade – statistics as of December 2009).

Learning in small, gradual steps and practicing daily are key factors in the success of the Kumon Program. By progressing at their own pace, students have the opportunity to experience frequent success, which helps build confidence and increase their enjoyment and intererst in learning. Through daily practice, students solidify the skills they’ve learned. Think of it like learning to play the piano. The more you practice, the easier and more exciting the experience becomes.

“The program is more than simply worksheets,” said Sean Vishu, Toronto branch Manager at Kumon Canada Inc. “When a child is enrolled in the Kumon program, they become an integral part of the material they learn. Through feedback sessions with their instructor and goal-setting meetings, each child takes on a greater role in relations to his educational experiences, leading to an increased feeling of ownership, and a deeper educational experience.”

Becoming a Franchisee: Your first steps:

The very first step on the road to becoming a Kumon instructor is the application process. Basic proficiency in English and Math is required, although teaching qualifications are not. Kumon Instructors regards themselves more as mentors or coaches than teachers in the traditional sense. Students who grow with Kumon often find their relationship with their Kumon Instructor is among the most rewarding and productive of their academic careers.

Based on the information contained in the application, potential franchisees are invited to meet with Kumon’s Franchise recruitment and development department. At that time, you will participate in a screening process, which includes:

  • Math proficiency test
  • Reading proficiency test
  • Criminal background check
  • Financial background check

Becoming a franchisee: Initial Investment and basic costs

From a business standpoint, Kumon is the most accessible educational franchise opportunity from a cost perspective. For nine consecutive years, Kumon has been ranked the number one low cost tutoring franchise on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500. “Our start-up franchise fee is $1000, plus applicable taxes.” Said Mr. David Tsai. “This amount begins an individual’s journey towards becoming the newest, successful Kumon instructor.”
Other costs include:

  • $1,000 materials fee (plus applicable taxes): This amount stocks an instructor’s centre with the materials necessary to guide students toward successful futures, both in and out of classroom.
  • $50,000 - $100,000 Total Capital Investment: This amount demonstrates an Instructor’s ability to make the necessary investments to safely and efficiently open centre in the desired market.
  • Kumon does not actually charge royalty, but a flat fee stare per student, per subject each month. The fee starts at $36 and is lessened to $32 once thee instructor has met certain requirements after one year of operation.

Becoming a franchisee: Centre Requirements

Through studies of the market, Kumon Canada Inc. has found that one of the most successful methods of getting word out about the program has been through commercial locations offering the Kumon program. With that in mind, it has become a mandate that all new instructors to open Kumon Centre are required to open in Commercial space, roughly measuring 800 to 1,500 square feet. “We don’t expect our new instructors to do this alone, so quickly out of the gate,” said Mr. Tsai. “To defray the initial investment, a rental subsidy is available. It’s 45 per cent of the cost for any 12-month period within the first three of operation, capped at $700 per month. This is Kumon’s way of demonstrating our dedication to our instructor’s success.”


Becoming a franchisee: Your support system

  • Franchise recruitment and development
  • Branding
  • Branch
  • Kumon University
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