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About Us

ME Franchising Inc. is a franchise solutions company for both ends of the franchise spectrum, Franchisor and Franchisee.

Our international expertise in franchise development and operations will help you identify and optimize the most practical and cost-effective approach to franchising your business without wasting time and money, while avoiding costly mistakes. Our global services range from advice on when and how to franchise your business, to developing the business model and complete infrastructure for an attractive and profitable franchise, in order to move on to recruiting franchisees with complete clarity. In addition, we help individuals and organizations acquire franchises.

Our services

  • Existing Franchisors: Review the structure of the franchise and the proposed offer, establish a strategic development plan
  • Potential Franchisors: Establish a franchise plan, provide the necessary and essential elements of the franchise infrastructure (operations manual, prospectus, legal agreements, etc.)
  • Franchise Recruitment: Generate leads and select qualified franchisees 
  • Investors: Identify the suitable franchise, negotiate the chosen franchise offer
  • Operational Structuring: Improving business operations and profitability

From initial conception to global expansion, ME Franchising Inc. has a record of helping many businesses grow through franchising and strengthening their operations and development tactics.


Mahmoud Chahrour, CFE


“A Franchising veteran”, who started in 1992 as a franchisee/operator of a Subway restaurant in Hull, Quebec. After 5 years in Canada, 5 Subway restaurants are managed by Mahmoud and his brother. In 1997, Mahmoud joined Subway International as a Regional Director for the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. He started the Subway brand in 22 countries and territories, plus France and Bulgari. In 2008, Mahmoud continued his growth career with Subway by opening more restaurants in Montreal. Following the cumulative experiences, in 2013, ME Franchising was born, a franchise consultancy company in the Middle East and now in Canada. A Certified Franchise Executive (CFE), who acts in accordance with the codes of ethics of the International Franchise Association (IFA), the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) and the Conseil Quebecois de la Franchise (CQF).

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