To introduce its garage, exterior and interior floor finishing services across Canada, B-Protek offers you one or more of its available franchises.

B-Protek is a fast growing dynamic company, with over seventeen years of experience in the field of painting and coating concrete surfaces. Already in operation in Kingston (ON) and Winnipeg (MN), we are also well established in Québec with 17 territories in operation under the “Béton Surface” brand.

What is the range of products and services offered?

Our teams of professionals can revitalize concrete surfaces, from a residential garage floor to a warehouse. Our best-selling product is undoubtedly the polyurea with vinyl flakes, which can be installed in garages or on exterior balconies and stairs. The second product most frequently chosen by clients is metallic epoxy. In fact, we offer three types of epoxy: clear epoxy, 100% solids, and metallic.

Why choose B-Protek?

There are many reasons to choose B-Protek, including:

  • Owning your own business within a unique network of franchise partners
  • Being independent and managing financial and operational processes yourself
  • Starting your business with a respected and well-structured brand
  • Having your advertisement, marketing strategies, and website already developed
  • Benefiting from a range of exclusive and high-quality products with a supply chain already in place
  • Benefiting from proven techniques as well as initial and continuous training
  • Enjoying high-quality technical and operational assistance
  • Benefiting from a system of structures that facilitate the effective management
    of your business to achieve its operational and financial goals

    • Call Center Service
    • Quotation and Invoice Management Application and more
  • Having the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process through your participation in different committees
  • Working hand in hand with us to maximise your success

What is B-Protek’s vision, mission, and values?

Our Vision

To be the uncontested leader in concrete flooring solutions in the eyes of Canadian consumers.

Our Mission

Build trust, one customer at a time

Our Values

Respect: We are professional and respectful with our clients and partners. Our actions and words are guided by integrity and transparency.

Attentiveness: This value allows us to adapt to the needs of our clients and partners. Problem solving is an integral part of our commitment to maintain a harmonious and satisfying business relationship.

Rigour: Each action we take and each decision we make are geared toward obtaining optimal and winning results for everyone.

Commitment: We believe that committing to and collaborating with every client, partner, franchise partner, employee and supplier will help us improve and adapt – this is the foundation of our business model.

“B-Protek is known for its outstanding customer service. We do not take our customers for granted and we are ready and able to meet the many of challenges to help you accomplish your projects”

Nicolas Desjardins, founder

An outstanding customer service is indispensable for us. Consequently, we choose our franchise partners based on their entrepreneurial mindset while giving them the required tools to lead their franchise like a full-scale SME. At B-Protek, opening a franchise is a lot more than buying a name and equipment. Each franchise has different experiences, strengths, and challenges. At B-Protek, we are aware of these differences and strive to provide personalized support related to each franchise’s needs by putting the head office’s time, energy, expertise, and experience at their disposition. This support may be in the form of on-site visits, follow-up phone calls on specific subjects, cash-flow calculation exercises, rentability studies, supplementary personalized training, and more.

You have the interest and the necessary funds to become a B-ProTek franchisee? You made the decision to go forward? Do not hesitate to fill out the free information request form. We will be happy to answer all your questions.