Ben & Florentine, the gourmet breakfast, brunch and lunch experience.

Constantly reinventing trends and classics to surprise our customers’ tastebuds. 
Our R&D team is hard at work to create quality breakfast and brunches that twist conventions and bring forth new tastes.  At Ben & Florentine, we are all about serving up friendly, convivial atmosphere and quality foods.  

A unique concept, it is one delicious business opportunity.


  • Exciting and proven concept
  • Affordable investment
  • Effective project management support
  • Continuous support system from one of the biggest franchisor in Canada – MTY Group
  • Comprehensive training
  • Collective Buying Power
  • Great working hours
  • Quality of life
  • Superior marketing 

Our success is no surprise, because we’ve carefully planned it.  We listen to our customers, to market diversity and to up and coming trends. All that because we thrive to provide a surprising culinary experience that goes above and beyond expectations.