• FREE Home Delivery (Pet Food and Accessories)
  • 18 High Quality Pet Food Formulas
  • No By-Products
  • Over 6,500 Pet Products
  • 100% Natural
  • Manufactured in Canada

Canada’s leading pet food distribution franchise!

To add to its team of franchisees in Canada, Multi menu is looking for people with enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit who wish to involve themselves in this fast growing concept.

What makes this opportunity so popular? 

High margins, deductible expenses of this home based franchise, as well as a low initial capital investment, makes a Multi Menu franchise very appealing to the small investor. For less than $10,000, one can buy an exclusive territory of 15,000 homes where he/she will be able to sell and deliver Multi Menu products. More products to sell than any pet shops in Canada and a just in time inventory concept that allows you to only pay for the products that you have sold. With Multi Menu, you can build your cash flow as you go. Every new client (pet) will generate an average yearly profit of $150. How many pets do you see in your neighbourhood?

The Market

  • 52% of Canadians have a pet
  • 70% of Canadians buy their food at the grocery store
  • Average spending per pet per year: 660$
  • 78% of pet food buyers are women
  • Population is getting older and is looking for more services

The Multi Menu Franchise Opportunity

  • Exclusive territories
  • Training and ongoing support
  • Passive income corporate programs
  • Low investment, high returns
  • Full time and part time available
  • Start-up marketing program included in the franchise fees
  • Master Franchises available

The Franchise Advantages

  • 10 to 30% cheaper than retail
  • Proven concept operating since 1996
  • No or low inventory
  • 30 to 40% gross profit on everything you sell
  • Home-based and tax deduction benefits

Multi Menu Products 

Multi Menu is a Canadian company established in 1996 to serve the growing demand for home delivery of quality pet food and accessories. The food offered by Multi Menu and its franchisees has the following benefits:

  • Human-grade consumption ingredients
  • No animal by-products are used in any of our recipes
  • Only natural preservatives are used
  • Only fat types used are chicken and lecithin
  • Certified by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
  • Canadian manufacturer with HACCP certification (prevention program protects against biological, chemical and physical dangers)
  • Up to 30% savings over comparable brands


For dogs, cats, fishes, birds or any other kind of pet, you can order whatever you need from our line of 6500 products: dog biscuits, cat treats, collars, bird food, dog cages, cat cages, litter trays, bowls, mouse cages, toys, etc. Multi Menu franchisees also offer different categories of litters to meet the needs of the most sophisticated cats.