Hair care businesses are a solid investment, requiring modest start up costs, low operating costs and robust growth potential.

Introducing “FaaS” – Franchising as a Service!

  • Flat Fee Royalty – No Percentage!
  • 0% Marketing or Ad Fees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 25% Savings on the Royalty After Year 2
  • 40% Savings on the Franchise Fee of your 2nd+ Location
  • 0% Fee for Transfer or Sale
  • Low Renewal Fee
  • Guaranteed Termination Value – “Franchise Prenup”
  • Monthly Training Webinars & 12 Week Fast Start Coaching Program

MVP Modern Barbers redefines the Franchise Relationship

MVP found that to a large extent the franchise model operates very much like more modern subscription-based services. So, they started there. They looked at the structure of many of those “Software as a Service” (SaaS) style businesses and decided that the time was right to borrow many of the features they use and have made so common. For instance, consumers today are very familiar with the tiered services model. Bronze, gold and platinum tiers with variable pricing and varying levels of service and support as well as the clear and simple agreements they use to access the services.

MVP used that information and developed a working model that uses a simple 2 tier plan with flat rate pricing. They eliminated the percentage of gross sales royalty in favour of a fixed flat rate. The new Flat Fee Royalty means that franchisees no longer need to worry that as they grow, they will continue paying more and more. By moving that expense from being variable to fixed it means franchisees can grow to profit faster and easier.

Their new Premium tier includes unlimited access to all franchisor services and is mandatory for new franchisees in the first 2 years of the agreement. After year 2 of the agreement the franchisee can choose to step down to the lower tier. (saving 25% of the royalty) As a franchisees experience, as a business owner, grows their need to access the bulk of a franchisor’s services decreases. So, by stepping down to the lower tier they can lower their expense and still access all the services on a pay per use basis. The fees for those services are all clearly identified in the franchise agreement. Franchises do not always give a franchisee a lot of freedom, with this new model they have the freedom to decide which services they need and how much those will cost.

“We believe that if you work hard to build your business you deserve to keep more of what you earn and we want to work with our franchisees to achieve that goal.”

– Brian Bonsma, CEO of MVP Modern Barbers

The MVP Modern Barbers Customer

As an MVP Modern Barbers® Franchise Partner you will be joining Canada’s original barbershop franchise. We offer the discerning man a casual, trendy place to relax and get a great hair cut at a fair price; an experience.

The MVP experience is more than just a great hair cut. MVP Modern Barbers offer our customers a variety of high quality grooming services leading with our famous ‘Hall of Fame’ haircut. With this experience our clients can sit back, relax and be man pampered in style.

Our MVP regular guests will often show up early for their appointment just to relax in our waiting area. With televisions to catch up on news or the latest in sports, leather club chairs to ease back into and a complimentary beverage; our goal is to pamper them, in a manly way.

MVP Modern Barbers markets to men who appreciate the extra level of service… Men who don’t apologize for looking good!

That is the MVP experience!

Benefits of being an MVP Franchise Partner

  • We offer an affordable Investment range, under $150,000 (typical).
  • Experience in the barbershop industry is an asset, but not a requirement, we offer a complete business system to get you up and running fast no matter what your level of experience is.
  • You will receive in-depth training in our convenient corporate location and on site in your own before, during and after your opening.
  • We assist with hiring your barbers and include staff training.
  • Ongoing training on hair trends, tool trends, hair techniques, and technologies.
  • You will be working with a Franchisor who works with you to ensure your success.
  • Complete marketing plans to guide you.
  • A relaxing urban environment with modern fixtures, décor, and hospitality.