Petmobile Franchise Business project

Home Delivery Service of Pet Food and Pet Care Products.

Petmobile profile

  • Home delivery.
  • Personalized service for home delivery when customers are absent.
  • Competitive price structure.
  • Prospecting (telemarketing) paid by supplier for the first thousand appointments.
  • Very high quality pet food and nearly 5,000 pet care products.
  • Shipping costs to dealer are divided 50% with supplier.

Summary of main features for an Petmobile franchise

  1. No entry fees, no franchise fees
    · No monetary disbursement for the territory nor the concept. No royalties to pay.
  2. Exclusive territory:
    · The territory assigned is exclusively yours. Adapted to your needs without any additional charge.
  3. Exclusive trademark:
    · Petmobile is a registered trademark that is restricted exclusively for your own use in your own territory.
  4. A high-quality product line:
    · High-quality pet food especially designed for Petmobile and manufactured by a leader in the industry.
    · Preservatives used in our formulas are 100% natural.
    · Our pet food does not contain any artificial coloring agents or flavors.
    · Our product line includes comprehensive and diversified pet food that cater to dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, etc.
  5. Competitive prices
    · Unparalleled quality/price ratio. Prices are almost always 12 to 15% less than similar competitive products.
  6. Promotion paid by supplier
    · A customer fidelity card offering a FREE bag after 10 purchases is paid by the supplier. This is a saving of approximately 10% that goes directly to your customer without affecting your income.
  7. Personalized service
    · Home delivery of pet food and pet care products. Same day delivery if your customers are not at home.
    · Orders can be paid by credit card, either VISA or MASTERCARD.
  8. Extensive and ongoing training
    · Complete training on products will help you explain more efficiently your products to potential customers and therefore facilitate the sale.
    · Sales training will give you a professional approach to sales and will be helpful in an overall way.
    · Training on the proper management of a delivery route will give you the necessary tools to service a greater number of customers with less effort.
    · Proven method of prospecting exclusive to Petmobile.
    · Ongoing training and follow-up.
    · Advice from professionals with extensive experience.
  9. Software
    · A software application is available for you to use for your business. It can be tailored to your own specifications to help you manage your own business more efficiently; tax reports and other reports can be generated to supply you with better follow-up with your customers and to help you reduce operating costs.
  10. Above average remuneration
    · 70 % mark-up for those who have dealer status.
    · An income potential ranging from $800.00 to $1,000.00 and more weekly.
  11. Available financing for training and start-off inventory
    · Financing is available to cover 50% (upon credit approval) of training fees and initial inventory, with 100% guaranteed take-back of inventory by supplier during the probationary period.