Reis & Irvy’s (OTC:VEND) revolutionary frozen yogurt robots, are serving up a great opportunity for prospective franchise owners. Only slightly larger than the average vending machine, and fully self functioning, Reis & Irvy’s has proven to be on the forefront of innovation and customer service. Serving up 7 different flavours of frozen yogurt, with a choice of 6 different toppings, they provide an engaging customer experience and are a hit with all ages. They are sure to enhance any location they are placed, making them a secure investment for franchise owners!

Check out this video of the Reis & Irvy’s robot in action!

Why Reis & Irvy’s?

These incredible frozen yogurt robots can be placed practically anywhere, turning any location into an instant sensation. Our Corporate Locations Team works diligently to secure locations across the country that provide not only the best environment for the Reis & Irvy’s brand product, but for visibility and sales opportunity.

This is a franchise owners dream with:

  • No Labour
  • Low product cost
  • Small Investment
  • Quick ROI
  • Low Risk
  • Only 2-3 hours of manual labour per week

The Reis & Irvy’s self contained robots will be placed for you in high traffic areas. The adaptability of these robots to blend in conveniently within any retail or high traffic space allows for the opportunity to place them in some of the highest quality locations including:

Grocery Stores

Movie Theatres Shopping Malls
College or University Restaurants or Cafes Tourist Attractions
Entertainment Venues Gas Stations Airports
Casinos Sports Arenas Hospitals


Franchise Businesses


The robot is fully self functioning and you can access it from an app on your phone. All costs are based on a % of revenue, which acts as a safeguard against loss. If your robot is underperforming… we just move it!

Reis & Irvy’s robotic machines provide any location the opportunity to:

  • Increase consumer traffic
  • Share in gross profits
  • Maximize profits
  • Build repeat business & customer retention
  • Build brand visibility and awareness
  • Enhance overall customer experience

Technical Specifications

At the heart of Reis & Irvy’s is an innovation in both frozen yogurt, as well as advanced vending technology. Never seen in the marketplace, the Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot is a self-contained robotic marvel, serving 7 different flavors of deliciously creamy frozen yogurt, and up to 6 choices of delicious add on toppings. From it’s interactive touch screen ordering system to the creation of a 12 oz. serving of deliciousness, each robot offers customers an advanced point of sale experience, enhanced and presented through a multi-sensory journey of fun and entertainment. All served up in just under 60 seconds!


Reis & Irvy’s franchisees are fully supported by a national installation team and delivery team, offering full service, white-glove installation for all locations across the country! No matter where your Froyo Robots are placed, the Reis & Irvy’s logistics and support team will ensure that each one of your robots is managed professionally and efficiently…from installation to instant sensation! Upon completion of your delivery and installation, you can rest assured that you will be versed in every aspect of your Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot and will be ready to begin your journey into providing customers at each of your locations with a frozen yogurt experience that will leave them coming back for more!

Bells & Whistles

The Reis & Irvy’s robots are designed to recognize when a potential customer approaches or walks by. When triggered the robot enters an attract mode, which is designed for maximum entertainment! Complete with a 35” video screen that plays an animated Reis & Irvy’s cartoon or customizable content.


Machine Specifications

  • Small footprint at 15 sq. feet
  • Dimensions are 66” x 36” x 79”
  • Weight 1500 lbs
  • Two circuit power 220V / 30A
  • Hopper volume, 4 gallons x 2
  • Fully automated including cups and spoons
  • Hygienically sealed, free standing unit
  • 60 sec. delivery or 60 servings per hour
  • Portion controlled
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • 12 oz. paper cups
  • Topping receptacles, 96 oz. x 6
  • Upkeep = 2 – 3 visits per week with 30 – 90 minutes each time depending on volume and traffic at the location
  • Customer can choose from seven different flavors or a combination twist of two flavors, then has a choice of 6 available toppings
  • Payment methods available are credit/debit card, Google Wallet and Apple Pay

Revenue Information

Price per unit (pre-tax):
Large – $7.15
Small – $6.19

Leasing offer:
15% net sales: with cold and dry storage
12% net sales: without storage

Expected Revenue (Estimate)

30/Day 50/Day 75/Day 100/Day
Daily $214.50 $357.50 $536.25 $750.00
Monthly $6,525.09 $10,873.96 $16,310.94 $21,747.92
Annually $78,301.08 $130,487.50 $195,731.25 $260,975.00


Expected Costs (Estimate)
Royalties 12%
COGS 17.5% – 20%
Rent 10% – 15%
Processing Fees 2.5%


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