Wee Watch is an unique and innovative organization providing a quality home childcare service to families since 1984.  Wee Watch is a business that is about having a professional approach to childcare with our proven System that goes beyond babysitting by applying top best practices in home safety, educational growth, service protocols and more.

As a Franchisor, Wee Watch is a well established, reputable business trusted by parents, providers and Franchisees for over 30 years.  We provide premium quality childcare through a network of Agencies owned by Franchisee partners and Corporate.  Agencies take care of the business and manage their team of office staff and Providers who operate independently in their own homes.

Wee Watch is dedicated to the success of our Franchisees, providing the training and support to establish and grow a successful business.

Some reasons to own a Wee Watch Franchise:

  • Childcare service is a high demand industry,
  • Low overhead, no bricks and mortar location required,
  • Strong brand and presence in over 90 communities across Ontario and growing!
  • You can be up and running within 60 days,
  • Be part of a purposeful business,
  • We teach you the business, no previous day care or educational experience required.