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Welcome to the Canadian Franchising Directory that will help you purchase a franchise in Canada that is most suitable for your profile and city. Please note that this list does not represent all of the available concepts in Canada.


Looking to start your own business OR add on to an existing automotive business, Crackmasters is the perfect opportunity for you! Our onboarding program ensures you are 100% ready to embark on a successful journey in the automotive industry. With comprehensive training, cutting-edge technology, and ongoing support, we equip you to excel in all aspects of your business and achieve unparalleled growth. From mastering windshield repair and replacement techniques to honing your marketing and customer service skills, our program empowers you to deliver exceptional results and build a loyal customer base. Get started with Crackmasters today and be confident that you are fully prepared to take your automotive business to new heights.


Columbus Café & Co is established in very busy places (city centers, shopping malls, shop-in-shop, train stations...). Today, our network counts more than 200 coffee shops in France and abroad. We are continuing our development by opening new outlets in Ontario and Quebec.

GC Burger

Embark on a Culinary Journey with The Great Canadian Burger


MIRACLE-TUB is one of the first CANADIAN company manufacturing and distributing bathtub liners and tub surrounds.


With over 40 years of experience in the chocolate and ice cream business, Chocolats Favoris serves as a benchmark in terms of quality, experience and innovation. Have you always dreamed of having your own business, in a joyful and magical place? Chocolats Favoris has exactly what you need!


GetintheLoop Local offers an exciting opportunity to be your own boss by operating your own turnkey mobile marketing franchise. Lead your community into the digital age by connecting local businesses directly to consumers locally and all across North America.


Will You Measure Up? Established in 2002 offering winning measuring floor plan and 3D services primarily to the real estate industry. Proper Measure Ltd. is one of the hottest franchise opportunities because of our relatively low entry and operating cost. Our best franchisees are grossing circa $270,000. An aptitude for operating AutoCAD is important. A comprehensive training programme is provided.

The Poké Station

Poké (in Hawaiian, po.ke means "piece" or "cut") is one of the main dishes of traditional Hawaiian cuisine. It consists of raw fish cut into cubes, served with vegetables, fruits, spices, sauce… in a bowl.


Ben & Florentine, the gourmet breakfast, brunch and lunch experience.


Want to help other businesses thrive? Business coaching has never been more important or more widely adopted than it is today. And that trend is only increasing. ActionCOACH has been labeled as “The World’s Largest and Most Reputable Business Coaching Company” and we want YOU to have an opportunity to join us!

Life Start Training

Life Start Training: Pioneering a New Wave in First Aid Education

Taste For Luxury

Your Taste for Luxury franchise allows you to plug into a robust and reliable supply chain of top-quality, hard to find, luxury foods that are in high demand.


Buck or Two Plus! stores have been franchising since 1990. We continue to carve out our niche in the extreme value sector of the retail industry. The Franchise Support Office priority continues toward building a strong retail foundation that enables our franchisees to operate profitable businesses. Our focus remains our franchisees.


We are revolutionizing the floor finishing industry one project at a time! B-Protek’s mission is to be the uncontested leader in concrete flooring solutions in the eyes of Canadian consumers. Our ideology is based on the offer of a turnkey service as well as a sharp expertise to guide our customers in their project. B-Protek is divided into 64 territories across Canada and 17 other territories in Quebec under the name Béton Surface.


Our dealers sell mattresses to consumers BY APPOINTMENT. Set your own hours and create a schedule that works for you, instead of waiting around for customers to walk in the door.


JAN-PRO is a global leader in the commercial cleaning and disinfection service industry. Our commitment to providing our franchisees with the best training, state-of-the-art equipment and measurable cleaning processes enables us to provide our customers with the best commercial cleaning services on the market.

Gorilla Property Services

Gorilla Property Services offers the top 9 services in the exterior property maintenance industry. For minimal start-up costs, you can become your own boss!


CLIC has been offering a unique and proven method of teaching languages for over 44 years. Thanks to a network of over 300 professionals, our services are appreciated all across Canada. As a part of our ongoing expansion, we are looking for franchisees who wish to promote our well-established brand across North America.




Introducing myFRIES – a pioneering concept revolutionizing the fast-food industry


Renobox is a trade mark specializing in the rental of containers, mobile warehouses, and exhibition kiosks. Whether for your entrepreneurial or personal needs, we will find a product for you!


Looking to start your own business OR add on to an existing automotive business, Chipmaster is the perfect opportunity for you! Our onboarding program ensures you are 100% ready to hit the ground running and thrive in the lucrative world of automotive paint repair. From comprehensive training in cutting-edge techniques to providing you with the necessary tools and ongoing support, we equip you to deliver exceptional results and build a thriving business. With Chipmaster, you'll be fully prepared to exceed customer expectations, achieve remarkable success, and make your mark in the automotive industry.

The Achievement Centre

Start Here. Go Anywhere.


Petmobile is a home delivery service of high quality pet foods and products.


PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES is Canada’s leading provider of accounting, tax, financial reporting and payroll services as well as strategic business advice to small businesses since 1966.