EIFS Armour Now Offering Franchise Opportunities in the Construction Industry Across Canada


KELOWNA, BC, Oct. 1, 2018 /CNW/ – EIFS Armour, a patented woodpecker-resistant wall system product company, has joined the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) in order to expand throughout Canada.

With 310 successful projects completed in Western Canada over the past six and a half years, the tried-and-tested product is now being requested for projects across the country.

Due to the large amount of requests they have received, EIFS Armour has decided that franchising is the most effective way to support the company’s growth.

Franchising will allow interested construction companies or individuals to offer the patented product to clients in other cities across Canada. Franchise owners should have experience in the construction industry, and will receive training, support and the benefits of advertising efforts.

The choice to join the CFA was made to reach potential franchise owners and offer them the peace of mind that they will be expanding on a successful, accredited business. An EIFS Armour franchise has already existed in Calgary since 2015, and discussions for franchises in Edmonton, Toronto, Mississauga and Ottawa are in the works.

“EIFS Armour has helped my business prosper and has opened so many new opportunities and relationships in The EIFS Industry, both for us and our clients in desperate need of a solution to the woodpecker problem in Canada,” said Keith Eisenkrien, CEO of EIFS Armour.

The next step for EIFS Armour is to join the USA Franchise Association as the company already receives roughly 200 requests from the United States each year.

About EIFS Armour

EIFS Armour is a product-based company with headquarters in Kelowna, British Columbia that installs woodpecker-proof wall systems. EIFS Armour combines a diamond mesh system with a unique anchoring system and acrylic hardeners to protect the walls of a building from damage by woodpeckers or other birds. EIFS Armour is a well-tested, patented product and comes with a lifetime guarantee.